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Expect More From Your
Live Streams

More Revenue. More Viewers. More Engagement. More WOW.

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Each sport faces different challenges when growing their audience, sponsorship, subscribers and engagement. We create innovative broadcast solutions combining custom technology development with tried-and-true production practices to deliver the best sports webcasts on the planet.


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Let your viewers go places they never imagined

Wireless and remote production unleashes your cameras from the bonds of cables.

With Adrenaline Garage, give your viewers access to never-before-seen moments, to be there with your athletes as the story happens, to witness legends in the making.



From the initial concept to the final podium, from the camera to the viewer, we have over 10 years of experience creating complete custom solutions for some of the largest action sports and eSports events on the planet.



Motion Graphics & Scoring Systems

Custom motion graphics bring a high-end, professional polish to any live sporting event. We work with each client, formulating strategic ways to integrate motion graphics and scoring systems in order to further engage your target audience.



Virtual Production &
Mixed Reality

Our Unreal Engine powered Virtual Production combines live action with a computer generated virtual environment. Being real-time and more cost-effective than traditional special effects, it multiplies the possibilities of live productions.  




As remote production (REMI) pioneers, we've constructed a cutting-edge Remote Master Control that enables our clients to produce the same quality show at a significantly lower price. Contact us to find out how much it could save you.

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Bob Holme - General Manager Colorado Freeride Festival

Adrenaline Garage is the best value, for the highest quality, live production vendor in the market.  From their innovative filming to their seamless integration into the event execution, Adrenaline Garage is the source for action sports event video production.