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What is Unreal Engine Powered Virtual Production?

Unreal Engine powered Virtual Production is an emerging production method that uses a suite of software tools to composite live action and computer graphics in real-time. Using virtual production and mixed reality, live show can easily and affordably incorporate photo-realistic virtual environments into their production.

At the heart of modern virtual production pipelines is live compositing software. One example is Unreal Engine. Unlike traditional CGI workflows, Unreal Engine renders the virtual environment in real time, enabling producers to include cost-effective CGI sets in live shows and/or reduce the time and cost of post-production for films, commercials and corporate productions.
The other essential element is camera tracking. While virtual sets and green screens have been used in live production for a while, they were limited in their ability to simulate a 3D environment.
Camera tracking changes everything. Systems like the Mo-Sys StarTracker combined with Unreal Engine offer unlimited freedom of movement for the camera within the virtual environment. The Mo-Sys StarTracker gives accurate position, rotation and lens data in real-time - making it ideal for jib, Steadicam and handheld work. Unlike more traditional virtual studios, the Mo-Sys StarTracker enables you to rotate the camera 360 degrees, and move it to any position in the studio. 



Our Virtual Production/Mixed Reality Services:


Project Management

Do you have a vision and you're not sure what you need to make it happen? As your project manager, we will walk you through the pros and cons of different technologies. We will help you find a complete toolchain guaranteed to work. We have a large rolodex of qualified engineers and techs.  We eliminate surprises on set and ensure you get the best possible results for your budget.


Designing an Unreal Engine Project for broadcast and film is very different from designing for video games. For example, in broadcast and film, the artwork is heavily detailed close to the camera--down to the placement of pebbles and chips of paint--and much less detailed in areas the camera can't see. In video games, there is a lesser level of detail throughout. Work with our team of artists to get amazing life-like environments and a seamless production.


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Unreal Engineering

The power of working in Unreal Engine is that changes--big and small--can be done quickly and the results can be seen in real time. Your talent can be transported thousands of miles in the blink of an eye or an 200 year-old tree can be moved just a couple inches so the framing is just right. Our Unreal Engineers know make the virtual set do what you need on the day of the shoot.

Camera Tracking Calibration

The secret to believable Mixed Reality is mapping the real world camera to the virtual. A camera tracking operator calibrates the tracking equipment with the camera and ensures there are no mismatches between what the camera does and what happens in the virtual world.


Keying hardware and software has advanced tremendously in the recent past. Now it's possible to get more realistic looking live keys that retain shadows, transparencies, highlights and--with the help of Unreal Engine--even reflections. The result is that you can't detect what is real and what's virtual. Work with one of our skilled Key Operators to get highly realistic results.

Equipment Rental and Production Supplies

Virtual Production/Mixed Reality is a emerging field with new products and technologies launching every day. It's hard to even know the name of what you're looking for. Don't spend too much on one solution when another more cost effective product could do the job better. Give us a call and we can recommend a complete toolchain that is perfectly tailored to your specific needs.