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What We Do

Live Event and Webcast Production for Action Sports and Beyond

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For many action sports events, live online broadcasts are the future.  Via webcasting, events are able to engage their global fanbase without tape delay for the greatest possible impact.  This is not the future of broadcasting, it's the present. We work with with out clients to create innovative approaches to extend their reach to the largest possible audience, keep viewers enthralled in the action and maximize their return on investment.

Custom Motion Graphics & Scoring System Development

Motion graphics are essential for telling the story of your event and adding "wow" to your show.  Adrenaline Garage works with our clients to identify ways graphics and scoring can better engage the audience to ultimately build a turn-key system that amplifies the production value and results of your broadcast.

Action Sports Television Production

As out-of-house producers for FUEL TV, we've created some of the most popular episodes of Firsthand to date.  We believe the skills necessary for compelling webcasts are just as necessary in any great television episode--the ability to develop characters and tell a captivating story.

Custom Player Development

Do you have an application for online video, live or on-demand, that can't be handled by an off-the-shelf-player?  We offer solutions using the latest technology to help you brand and monetize your online video, integrate with social media, return analytics and results.

Live Webcast Consulting

Planning a live online broadcast can be incredibly complicated.  Unfortunately, detailed educational resources are scarce.  That's one reason we created our blog, to share what we've learned from broadcasting action sports with organizations in other industries, including:

  • Education
  • Government
  • Religion
  • Entertainment

If your organization needs a flawless webcast the first time, contact us. We'll work with you to identify the cost effective strategies and solutions that will make your event a success.